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Meet your clients in their own language
Did you know that over 60% of potential clients only keeps on reading and only buys your products and services if your texts are in their native language? Translation Office Evina delivers qualitative translations for diverse fields of industry from and to Dutch, French, English and German.

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Web writing

SEO copywriting by Evina

Writing what your visitors are looking for
SEO copywriting is a lot more than writing texts that score in the search engines. Evina Copywriting finds for you the right balance between the google-formulas and the informative content your clients are looking for. SEO translation preserves your message and its traceability in each language.

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Web management

Web management cms by Evina Copywriting & Translations

Leave the time-consuming jobs to us
Entering web texts into your cms-system, a polished lay-out, here and there an image in between your texts… are small but annoying, time-consuming jobs which are just play for Evina. During the process of writing and translating your web texts, we can just as well place them on your website.

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SEO copywriting for Holico-Vitamins, a successful project!

SEO copywriting, writing with passion for scientific subjects

SEO copywriting evina voor Holico Vitamins

Next to being specialised in SEO copywriting and SEO translation, I am also very interested in human well-being. One of my personal projects is the web shop, developed with our professional partner Acoma.
Because SEO copywriting and SEO translation are my core businesses, the Holico-Vitamins website had to become the ultimate example for my customers wishing to use my SEO copywriting and translating services. And that is certainly the case!


SEO copywriting Holico-Vitamins, results in numbers

Today, Holico consists of more than 500 product pages, with tailored SEO copywriting by Evina. Every month, more than 11.000 visitors consult the website and sales have never been better. The SEO copywriting is clearly paying off, because almost all product pages are found on the first organic Google search page; mostly in the top 3 and often even above our suppliers’ product pages. More than enough reason to be proud of this SEO copywriting project!

Tourism translations * Translation for the tourism sector

Tourism translation by Evina

Tourism translations: extensive knowledge of the tourism sector and marketing

Performing translations for the tourism sector is a specialism in itself. For that reason, we work with translators who know the tourism sector and marketing through and through. We can translate all your tourist brochures, leaflets, websites, travel guides, mailings, newsletters and other files in several language pairs. We greatly value a facile pen for the tourism sector. After all, it is the goal to attract the millions of people going on a holiday today to your offers. And that is exactly what we aim for!


‘After researching information herself, your tourism translator/copywriter wrote wonderful blog texts in French for us. She thinks along with us, and that really is nice. Furthermore, a scan and revision of some parts of our French website have given us several useful points on which we could improve. We will definitely further enjoy our collaboration.’

Robin Coenen, Club Villamar

The new French spelling: an obligation or not?

nieuwe franse spelling

Confusion about the new French spelling

Did you know that since a few years there is a new spelling for the French language? To be absolutely clear: the new French spelling is advised to us, but the old spelling is also accepted for an indefinite period of time. Thus, the new spelling is not an obligation yet, but it is preferred by most of the authorities and by the Translation Office Evina.

Which is the French Academy’s point of view?

The French Academy has unanimously approved the simplification. In the 9th edition of its ‘Dictionnaire’ the French Academy systematically states the new spelling form and in most cases even lends its preference to it. Other organizations like the High Council of the French language (France), the High Council of the French Community in Belgium, the High Council of the French language in Québec and the International Council of the French language also support the new French preferred spelling.


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