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Translating your brochure yourself?
Or rather having it translated?

Together with your website, your brochure is your company’s business card. Both media offer the possibility to introduce your company, your products and/or services to your customers or potential customers. You have invested much time in your brochure’s content and money in the ‘look & feel’ and printing. All of these efforts are rewarded with new interested customers. And now you want to go further: translating brochures so you can sweep the neighbouring countries, Europe or the world market. That is a wonderful idea! But did you know that translating a brochure is easier than you originally would have thought?


No two brochures are alike

As translation office it is important to know what type of brochure you would like to have translated: a business brochure or a products or services brochure.

  • A business brochure is customer-oriented and mentions what your company has to offer to customers and prospects. When we translate your business brochure we focus on your company’s strong points: your mission, your views, the advantages of working with you and last but not least, your data.
  • Product or service brochures require an extensive knowledge of your sector’s terminology. What are your products, what are they for, what are the technical features and how do they distinguish themselves from your competitors’ products.


What we pay attention to when translating your brochures

  • A brochure is brief and to the point, and well-organised at the same time. Your brochure conveys your message convincingly with a minimum number of words. All of this cannot be lost in translation.
  • A good brochure translation preserves the style and content of the original.
  • Not every language uses the same number of characters. If your brochure is divided into text areas with limited space, please take into account that a French translation generally contains 15% more characters than a Dutch text.


In need of a brochure translation?

Translation office Evina offers perfect translations of your brochures from and into Dutch, French, English and German. We translate your brochures from cover to cover. From simple images to complex diagrams. From your text areas to clever titles and slogans, they will always be understandable for your target group.
Please send us your source documentation through the online quotation form. We will send you a quotation without commitment as soon as possible. If your documentation exceeds 2MB, please send it by e-mail. And should you have the respective brochure in a WORD document, we will be able to respond faster to your request. If you accept the quotation, we will start our translation process.


Ask for a quotation for your translation

10% discount for you first translation

Customers who had their brochures translated by us

Our customers who had their brochures translated are advertising agencies, manufacturers, wholesalers, services industry, cultural and tourist centres who are internationally active, amongst others. We translated both product brochures & business brochures for them.



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