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Evina Copywriting and Jinah Trans celebrate one year of successful collaboration

Since November 2009 Evina Copywriting & Translations and Jinah Trans have formed a close cooperative collaboration. When we put our heads together before the start, it immediately became clear that our collaboration would mean a surplus value for Evina Copywriting & Translations as well as for Jinah Trans. Our activities are complementary so that together we are stronger and are able to offer a more complete service to our customers: SEO copywriting, general copywriting and translations Dutch, French and English. What does this mean for you? More possibilities and more quality at the same rates and a marked transparency.

Evina Copwyriting: SEO Copywriting and translations Dutch and French

Thanks to many years’ experience, Pascale Delbeke of Evina Copywriting & Translations is mainly specialized in SEO copywriting of web texts. She closely follows up the fast evolving SEO techniques. On top of this, she has been raised bilingually which is a special trump card because in this way she can write as well as translate from and to Dutch and French. Also from English and German.

Jinah Trans: copywriting and translations Dutch and English

Hilde Mortelmans of Jinah Trans has thorough knowledge of the English language. She takes care of the copywriting of different kinds of texts in Dutch as well as in English. Next to this she can perfectly translate from French and German into English and Dutch.

Extra services

Evina Copywriting & Translations and Jinah Trans also collaborate with other freelancers to be able to offer a total package of qualitative services. We work together with a native speaker German for your translations from and into German. We can also help you with translations Spanish. Together with Acoma we set up professional websites and web shops with the Drupal user-friendly content management system.

How do you recognize our collaboration? Transparency and honest rates

For projects Evina Copywriting & Translations and Jinah Trans are working on together, you will always see a merge of our logos. We work at the same rates and conditions, and this WITHOUT extra commission. Our mutual standard rates for copywriting projects are 45 euro per hour and 1.05 euro per 55 characters for translation projects.

Evina en Jinah

Are you interested in one of our services?

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We thank you for your confidence and are looking forward to your new assignments.

Hilde and Pascale



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