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A website’s success depends on the construction of a good web content

The content of a website comprises everything you put on the site. It does not only exist of words and texts, but also of product information, event agenda, images, illustrations and audio. It is of major importance to carefully think the cweb ontent through.
Visitors mainly are attracted by meaningful illustrations, short movies and brief texts. Search engines on the other hand, only like valuable text. So, take your time to well prepare your web content. Therefore, better outsource the writing of your web texts to a professional SEO copywriter and afterwards check the correctness and quality.


Interesting tips for the construction of a good website

  • Usually, visitors do not read online web texts. They scan the web pages for information that is of interest to them. Moreover, it takes 25% longer to read a text on screen than on paper. Therefore, write brief and powerful web pages.
  • Make use of the journalistic reversed pyramid. Write what is most important on top, because often, the visitor does not read to the end.
  • Attract attention with powerful titles. Make use of subtitles to break up the text into paragraphs, because this is easier to read. Use a clear style and colour for the titles and subtitles. Process your keywords in them to score in the search engines.
  • Write strong leads. These are the first sentences of a web page. Consider a lead as a strong introduction. Here, you tell about the advantages of your company. Process 3 to 4 keywords in the first paragraph of the web texts.
  • Keep the most important information above the fold. This is the visible part of the screen. Less than 50% of the visitors do not like scrolling down. Google neither, for that matter.
  • Avoid a passive writing style.
  • Mainly use the second person: you, your, yours … and in this way, address the consumer or visitor.
  • An informal style often appeals better than a formal one.
  • Use brief sentences and paragraphs.
  • Make use of bullet points so that the visitor can easily scan the text.
  • Place hyperlinks. These are links to text parts giving more information on a certain subject. In this way, the visitor himself can choose what is important. Furthermore, with hyperlinks you score better in the search engines.


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Next to valuable web content, also a good writing style

  • Use a vivid style of writing with specific nouns and verbs instead of endless series of adjectives and adverbs.
  • Use as much understandable language as possible instead of technical lingo.
  • Be yourself and show your personality through your web texts. A funny remark or some humour once and awhile are indeed a possibility.
  • Always check your texts on spelling or grammatical errors. A website full of mistakes gives the reader an untidy impression.
  • Have your texts read by some other people. Often they see what you do not see.
  • Read your texts out loud. In this way, you sense more quickly what is not right.


Updating the web content regularly

Regular web content updates are not only important for your image, but also for your results in the search engines. If you have a good CMS system, you can manage web content updates yourself. If you do not dispose of such a Content Management System, addressing your web office will be necessary all the time. In the end, the costs can be much higher than the purchase price of a CMS system.


Evina Copywriting offers you SEO copywriting of the textual web content of your website as well as a solid CMS system at a reasonable price.

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