Copywriting newsletter, mailing, direct mail

A mailing or direct mail only gets one chance; grab it with both hands

Your prospect reads it instantly … or waits until he has a bit more time.
Postponing always equals forgetting.
At the worst, your mailing ruthlessly ends up in the waste basket.

Do something about it and bring in a professional copywriter. By writing well-thought-out, concise texts, he informs and communicates about matters that incite reading.
Choose for a direct mailing distinguishing from all others, choose for Evina Copywriting.

What is the surplus value of a newsletter or direct mail?

  • Make your products, services and expertise known to thousands of potential clients with a mailing or direct mail. Present the advantages of your product on a golden platter and distinguish yourself from the competition.
  • Keep your existing clients with regular newsletters. Indulge them with tips and latest novelties. They will respect and thank you for this. And it also serves your image.
  • Do not send vague messages, but actual topics and advice.
  • Attract subscribers through your website. Clients, who announce themselves via your site, are within the Legal rules of electronic marketing. Not only your website grows, but your clientele and turnover also increase.
  • Do not forget the clients on the other side of the language border. The translation of a newsletter or mailing is but a small effort.


The traps of direct mail or mailings

  • An unwelcome electronic advertisement extremely annoys the day-to-day e-mail consumer.
  • Moreover, it is illegal. The Belgian law of March 11th, 2003 and the KB of April 4th, 2003 are very formal on this.  Do not participate in this! Consciously choose for a wanted, informative mailing.
  • Newsletters and mailings can generate extra turnover in a short period of time. Do not damage your image by overdoing it. Use your common sense and supply your customers with an electronic newsletter containing a surplus value for them.

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