Copywriting web texts: writing for the web

Why so much fuss about copywriting of web texts?

Recently, you invested heavily in a flashy and magnificent website. To your dismay, the return does not correspond with your expectations. But did you know that your web texts have to compete with millions of others in the search engines? Your web texts do appear on top, but no orders are generated?
Then now, when it comes to copywriting of web texts, we have the cat on the rope. Writing for the web is a specialization in itself.

A good copywriter for web texts takes two aspects into account

  • How do you captivate clients to read your website?
  • How do search engines select in order to put your website on top of the list?

The answer to the first question is quite simple: what are ideal web texts recognised at?

Take a moment to reflect on how you surf on the Internet. You click on the first possibilities offered by the search engine. You scan the titles. If it seems interesting, you might read the content diagonally. If you are captivated, then you click on to other pages. Is it what you were looking for … then you take action.
Do the web texts comply with this ideal situation? Then the client is on the right track and does not need assistance to write his texts for the web.

You did not find what you were looking for on the first pages?

We dare to take the bet and assure you that you will not easily be captivated by a website. You click and click and click … And still you cannot find what you are looking for. A pity, all these lost opportunities for these websites. Maybe, this is exactly what is happening to your website. And that is why we make all that fuss about copywriting of web texts.

What can Evina Copywriting mean for you regarding writing of your web texts?

  • During a briefing or meeting we get to know your company, your product, your services, your target group and goals. You show us the vibes …
  • We give extended advice on a well-organized and customer-friendly structure.  Clients detest confusing websites that light up like a Christmas tree.
  • You give us as much source material as possible: brochures, mailings, documentation files, technical cards, and extended explanation that we meticulously make note of.
  • A good preparation is indispensable for good copywriting and is time-saving later on.
  • We translate the preparations into effective, scanable web texts, which appeal to the client and for which you receive the desired response.
  • At the same time, our copywriter nourishes your web texts with search engine friendly techniques. More information on this is found in chapter SEO Optimization.
  • We also offer the translation of your website in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish.
  • Take a look at our copywriting for the web references with examples of web texts we have written.

You made it this far in our web page! Congratulations!

Then you must be convinced about our texts.
Contact us quickly and soon discover the difference:

  • A website with content
  • Better retraceability in the search engines, more visitors, and a higher conversion (technical jargon for orders, demand for information or price offer, subscribing newsletters …)

Interested in copywriting of your web texts?
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