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Dutch is one of the three official languages in Belgium, next to French and German. That is why it is not only important to provide your texts in Dutch, its quality has become a professional necessity nowadays. Unfortunately, we are witnessing an increasing level of language deficiency. Websites or brochures with grammatical (e.g. dt-errors) or spelling errors make them look unprofessional. To attract Dutch-speaking customers and to expand your work area, we will be happy to help you with the Dutch translation of your texts.




A Dutch translation is pivotal in the global economy

With the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, the Dutch speaking areas are a force to be reckoned with in our current world economy. By having international websites and other communication media translated into Dutch, you not only reach people in Flanders and The Netherlands, but also in Surinam, Sint-Maarten, Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao where Dutch is the official language.
Sadly, Dutch does not have the best of reputations when it comes to spelling. Dutch just is not an easy language. Our translation agency will gladly help you with the translation of your texts into Dutch. Evidently, we apply the correct and latest spelling rules.


The Dutch language in numbers

Dutch is one of the 6000 languages all over the world. About 23 million people have Dutch as their mother tongue. That makes Dutch part of the top 40 of the most frequently used languages in the world. Based on the number of native speakers, Dutch is the eighth language in the European Union.
If you live abroad, Dutch can shed a light on a different world. Nowadays, Dutch is a subject course taught at universities and colleges in over 40 countries for which thousand of students enrol every year. This means that Dutch is no longer a language spoken in a small part of the world.


The Dutch Language Union promotes Dutch

Nederlanse Taalunie

The Dutch Language Union is an international institution founded in 1980. In a treaty of cooperation, the Netherlands, Flanders and Surinam pursue a policy on the Dutch language.
For over 40 years, the Dutch Language Union has been hosting summer courses, inviting students from 23 countries to come and immerse themselves in the Dutch language and culture. They visit lavish cities, such as Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, meet numerous interesting people like the folk group Laïs’ singers, photographer Michiel Hendryckx and they also learn to use Dutch creatively by debating on poetry for example. As you see, Dutch is becoming increasingly more popular.


Dutch, a popular literature language

Hundreds of Dutch-language novels, comic books and books of poetry are being published each year. This goes to show that Dutchmen and Flemings still prefer to read in their own language instead of succumbing to the ubiquitous English. Names such as Arnon Grunberg, Pieter Aspe, Dimitri Verhulst, Jef Geeraerts en Cees Nooteboom probably sound familiar. The Dutch-speaking countries have a rich literature culture, remember Louis Paul Boon, Hugo Claus en Remco Campert. In the 50s, they made a profound impression on the collective memory of Flemings and Dutchmen.
Belgium also has a long tradition of comic books and Flanders is certainly on the same level with the French-speaking part of Belgium. Flemish comic books such as Spike & Suzy, Nero, Jommeke, De Kiekeboes and Urbanus are still in bookcases of every Flemish teenager… and adult.


A Dutch translation for your employees

Because of globalisation, it is generally expected that everyone can speak a bit of English, but that is certainly not the case. Studies show that people still prefer to read in their own language, which is why it is profitable to present your texts in Dutch. We offer translations from French, English and German into Dutch. Next to contracts and terms of employments, technical manuals and brochures can be of great help to your colleagues. That way, you are certain that they will interpret your machines’ information correctly and promote your products and services optimally.



Nederlandse vertaling toerisme

Dutch translation for the tourist sector

Flemings and Dutchmen enjoy travelling and expanding their horizon. It is becoming increasingly more popular to go on a short trip such as a weekend or midweek close to home. The Netherlands and Flanders have beautiful spots where you can enjoy nature and/or culture. Cycling trips, long walks, B&Bs and wellness treatments are currently well-liked. A qualitative Dutch translation helps you to offer a holiday home on the Dutch market or to promote a tour specifically for Dutch-speaking tourists. With our extensive experience in translations for the tourist sector, Evina Copywriting & Translation is indubitably the translation agency you are looking for.


Dutch as native language

Naturally, our Dutch-speaking translators are native speakers, guaranteeing a quality translation. Throughout the years, we have built up large scale terminology databases per sector, therefore we use correct and sector specific terms in all our Dutch translations.


Do you need a translation in Dutch?

In the business community we often receive requests for Dutch translations next to French translations. The Netherlands and Belgium are our primary market. And because Dutch Dutch sometimes differs from Flemish Dutch, some customers ask us to “belgianise” their texts.


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