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English, the most important colloquial language for international business

English has turned into a global language due to the military, economic, cultural, scientific and political influences of the British Empire from the 18th until the 20th century, and American influences since the 20th century. In business, English is now one of the most spoken and written languages worldwide, on the Internet, in science and technique, and in the field of national relations. English may seem easy, but in fact it is a very difficult language to master. The grammar is complicated and the spelling does not match the pronunciation, causing many spelling errors. Sometimes different words have the same pronunciation such as colonel and kernel or bow and bough.
Would you like to do business with the UK or the USA? Our translation office has all the know-how to provide professional English translations for your website, brochures and other documents.


Why an English translation? Some facts about English

English is the official language in several countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, the UK, etc. In fact, English is spoken in 112 countries; about 380 million people have English as their native language. Moreover, more than 1 billion people use English as a their second language. Consequently, English takes second place on the list of most spoken languages in the world. English even has an official status within the European Union, the African Union, the Union of South American Nations, the United Nations and many other organisations.
Besides being Shakespeare’s language, English also is a lingua franca in business circles, science, technology, diplomacy and many more sectors. English is the absolute number one on the Internet as one of the most used languages. At least half a billion internet users look for information in English.
With an English translation, you can reach a large number of potential clients as they will have access to your website, brochures, manuals, … Our translation office is available every day to professionally translate your documents, brochures and website into English.



English in culture and literature


If you can speak English, you have the opportunity to discover another culture. After all, the language offers a wide range of literature, theatre, films and music. Most English films and TV series are subtitled in Belgium and the Netherlands, yet a subtitle cannot cover the entire meaning of every sentence or word. An example would be ‘as pleased as Punch’, an expression you cannot understand if you do not know the English culture.
English is one universal language with several variants and about all of them are officially recognised. Yet despite there being different types of English such as British, Irish, American, … we only need to know one of them to discover all cultures and to enrich our personal and professional development.
Furthermore, English also is the language of world-renowned authors such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl and Ernest Hemingway. Most books you will find in book shops are translated from English; just think about Harry Potter, 1984, Atonement. You may find the books in Dutch, yet the original English versions will give you much greater pleasure as you can then read them starting from their own culture.


Interesting facts about the English language

  • The English call their language ‘The English language’.
  • English is used in several political circles such as the European Union, NATO and the UN. It also is spoken in many international business circles and organisations such as the WWF, the UEFA and The Coca Cola Company.
  • English actually is a Germanic language with quite a few Romance influences.
  • Dutch has also contributed to the English language, especially in words dealing with shipping. Some other examples are waffle (wafel), fries (frieten), cruise (doorkruisen), yacht (jacht-boot), cookie (koekje), bourse (beurs), dike (dijk), Santa Claus (Sinterklaas), apartheid, …
  • Regarding the English spelling, there does not seem to be much of a connection with its pronunciation. 40 sounds have at least 1,120 spellings compared to 25 sounds and 33 spellings in Italian. Having such a difference between sounds and spellings in mind, the results of an Italian research are not that surprising: there are twice as many dyslexia diagnoses in English-language countries than in Italy.


Vertaling Engels voor bedrijven

English translation for companies:
American or British English?

If you wish to expand your company to the international market, it is strongly recommended to translate your website and documents into English. Given that there are several English variants, you may wonder which one you should choose: British English or American English. We often tend to choose British English because it sounds nicer and more elegant. In writing however, you will not really notice that elegance. When it comes to vocabulary, there are, however, some differences. While an American orders French fries, an Englishman will prefer chips. European companies will more likely choose British English, but American English is more often used in science, on the Internet and on television.
As translation office we recommend you to choose the variant according to your target group, instead of your own preferences.


In need of an English translation?

Would you like to have an English translation to communicate with your foreign customers or to present your company, products and/or services to new international customers?
Then please do not hesitate to request a quotation without commitment and please do not forget to indicate the English variant you need for your English translations. You can send us your source texts through the request form or by e-mail. We will send you our quotation as soon as possible. Upon receipt of your agreement with our quotation, we will start the translation assignment.


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