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Copywriting and translations:
playing with words is our passion

Evina Copywriting & Translations is a small-scaled copywriting and translation agency in Aalter that focuses on quality and a personal approach. Our activities mainly include SEO copywriting of websites and various types of translating services, going from general translations to commercial translations of brochures, flyers, leaflets and websites and from legal translations of contracts, general terms and conditions and regulations to technical translations of specifications and safety requirements for the construction sector. Playing with words is our passion, hence our slogan:  ‘A choreography with words’.


Collaboration with reliable partners opens new doors

The increasing number of satisfied customers encouraged us to start working with professional partners. These collaborations opened doors to new challenges that allowed us to add copywriting and translations in the most common language combinations to our activity list: Dutch, French, English and German.
In order to complement SEO copywriting and website translations, blogs and other document translations, we now also work with a reliable partner who builds dynamic websites with a multifunctional CMS system. Consequently, it is only a small step to add your written and translated texts directly into your CMS system. Even if you do not have a website built by us, our web management experts will make your texts available online.


Copywriting and translations: expertise in various sectors

Evina Copywriting & Translations always tries to work with copywriters and translators who write and translate in their native language. Our documents and websites are written and translated by people who understand and use your jargon. Our target group mostly consists of private persons and small businesses as well as small and medium enterprises, non-profit organisations and companies in various sectors such as tourism, driving schools, the nutritional supplements sector, the construction industry, waste disposal companies, technical companies, etc.


We care about our customers: tell us your story …

A personal approach, loyalty, privacy and competitive prices are part of our vision. We aim to fill the needs of all our customers and give specific advice if needed. You can read our translation methods and SEO copywriting methods that explain how we achieve our goal.
Evina Copywriting & Translations welcomes you to visit and enjoy its website. If you feel you are getting to know us a bit better, feel free to contact us without obligations, so we can get to know you.


Do you need a translation?

Fill out our online quotation form for translations and you will receive a free and optional price offer. When filling out the form, please add your source texts, which can be up to 2MB. In case they are more than 2MB, please send them through by e-mail. Our prices are based on the number of characters of the translation. We offer a 10% newcomer’s discount for new customers who need a translation by Evina Copywriting and Translation for their first translation from € 500, VAT excl. 


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10% discount on your first translation

Do you need SEO copywriting and/or seo translation
of your website or blog?

Fill out this second online quotation form for any questions regarding these types of translations. Please be as detailed as possible, in order to receive a concrete and detailed price offer. We give a specific price for each part, enabling you to decide what you need. In case you need a translation for your website or blog, please add a Word document with your web texts to the online form (up to 2MB) or by e-mail. We will send you our price offer as soon as possible.


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