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French is one of Belgium’s three official languages. Therefore, Belgian companies benefit from having their documents translated into different languages if they want to expand their company’s activities beyond the language border. We will gladly help you with the translation of your correspondence, website, brochures and other documents into French or other languages.


Why translating into French:
some facts on the French language

French is worldwide an important language. 110 million people have French as their first language and a little over 50 million people have it as their second language. That makes French claim the 11th place on the list of most spoken languages in the world. French not only is the official language in France, it is also spoken in 53 other countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Canada, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Haiti, the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, etc. Communicating in French with your business partners therefore is a big advantage. Unfortunately, this is not awarded to everyone because French is a difficult language with many nuances requiring a strong linguistic instinct. This is why we offer our professional services for a good translation into French of your texts, documents and website.


The French language in culture, history and literature

Knowledge of the French language opens doors to a fascinating world of literature. French not only is Molière’s language, it is also the lingua franca of Asterix and Obelix. The subtleties of these comic strips are savoured best when you read them in French. The French language offers a wide range of cultural activities such as opera and street theatre. But did you know that a large part of human science literature has been written in French?
Hence, it is far from surprising that the French language still is a world language. In today’s era of unlimited mobility, a French translation does not only open doors in the labour market; it also presents a view on cultures around the world and helps to expand your personal and professional development.


A French translation is important for communicating with certain organisations

French is spoken in specific groups or international organisations. Some countries have a French-speaking government. French translations are often necessary in trade sectors, international organisations such as Amnesty International, the European Union, Interpol, the Red Cross, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the World Trade Organisation (WTO), certain international sports federations such as the gymnastics one, and many more.


Translation Office Evina helps you do business across the language border

A company that wants to expand its business will have to cross the language border rather quickly. In that case, a French translation of your texts, website, brochures and other documents is not a superfluous luxury. After all, every country, community and language has its own identity, mentality and customs. Furthermore, it is much more professional if you can attend to you French-speaking customers in their own language. They will most definitely appreciate it.

Quality guarantees: French native speaker translator

  • Our French translator translates into her native language and has an extensive knowledge of the source languages.
  • We have a extensive knowledge of terminology used in several fields we work with.
  • We keep a terminology bank for every sector so we can deliver consistent translations.
  • We always work with the four-eye principle: every French translation is checked by a second native speaker, who checks the grammatical correctness, the correct style and a consistent use of technical terminology.


    In need of a French translation?

    We mainly receive requests for French translations from the business community, but we also receive request for English translations. The Netherlands and Belgium are our most important markets. We work fast and deliver French translations of a reliable quality. Please check our French translation references and find out more about our translation services and sectors.


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