The new French spelling: an obligation or not?

nieuwe franse spelling

Confusion about the new French spelling

Did you know that since a few years there is a new spelling for the French language? To be absolutely clear: the new French spelling is advised to us, but the old spelling is also accepted for an indefinite period of time. Thus, the new spelling is not an obligation yet, but it is preferred by most of the authorities and by the Translation Office Evina.

Which is the French Academy’s point of view?

The French Academy has unanimously approved the simplification. In the 9th edition of its ‘Dictionnaire’ the French Academy systematically states the new spelling form and in most cases even lends its preference to it. Other organizations like the High Council of the French language (France), the High Council of the French Community in Belgium, the High Council of the French language in Québec and the International Council of the French language also support the new French preferred spelling.

The new French spelling and the informatics tools

When in doubt, the automatic spelling control tools of the different computer programmes can be very useful. Most of these programmes are up-to-date and take the new French spelling into account. According to which version you are using at the moment, executing an update might be necessary.

How many words are in the picture?

The new French spelling contains about 2000 words. Actually, this new spelling is only about a small percentage of the total vocabulary. Besides, a number of words already were written according to the new spelling long before the approval had been signed. An example of this is the word ‘événement’ which for quite some time already is written as ‘évènement’. The new spelling now corresponds with the pronunciation and is much more logic.

Translation Office Evina and the new French spelling

Since the French Academy as well as the High Council of the French language in France and Belgium advise and support the new French spelling, Translation Office Evina uses this spelling standard in all its French translations. Customers who prefer translations in the old spelling can easily apply for this by email.

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