Our opinion on the new SMS-language


Is the SMS-language becoming our new language?

Technology constantly evolves. Daily, we are confronted with this! At Evina Copywriting & Translations we always keep up-to-date in the field of language and translations. Sometimes technology passes us by for a bit, and this is no different when it comes to languages.

The SMS-language has made its entrance and steadily is entering into battle with our standard language. As a language devotee, I actually find this a pity. Every day we send more and more SMS messages. And because we are always in a hurry, we preferably send the shortest messages with as much abbreviations as possible. In theory there is nothing wrong with that. But what if this SMS-language is elbowing out our standard language? Because gradually we do not only use abbreviations in our text messages, we even start talking that way. Without noticing it, we have developed an actual SMS-language in our daily routine!
A language full of abbreviations which we write, sample and on top of that … even speak! It seems as if we cannot but speak in half words anymore!


Progress yes, but not at the cost of our language

 At Evina Copywriting & Translation Office, we are more than aware of this evolution! We also strive for progress and innovation, but this cannot be at the cost of our language’s quality.
Often we receive assignments with the request to translate starting from source texts written in a mobile-kind-like language. As purists we strongly tend to first correct the source language before starting the translation. And as you can read in our testimonials, our customers are very grateful to us for this text revision. In the end, their texts are read by hundreds and thousands of people. After all, the texts are the invitation card of their company. Every man to his trade: you as our customer, know everything about your product, and we, copywriters and translators help you to describe your product in a correct way.

And the free automatic translation tools … a different story

 And let us also talk about the many – mostly free of charge – automatic translation tools on the up and up! Translation with those translation tools is automatic and they work a lot faster than a translation done in a natural way, but the results often are hilarious! An automatic translation tool literally translates word per word without worrying about the specific sentence structure of the target language. Afterwards, the translator still needs to correct manually, and often even translate all over again. Thus meaning double work, and of course double money!


At Translation Office Evina, our translators consciously do not work with such automatic translation tools. We translate your texts from and to Dutch, French, English, Spanish or German and for these translations we apply our language knowledge and feeling. Besides this, we pay a lot of attention to grammar, the correct spelling and content. In this way, we always succeed in offering our customers a qualitative translation!

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