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The discovery of a passion for SEO copywriting and translation

During her career as an employee, Pascale Delbeke was able to acquire diverse experiences. As a secretary, she soon realised she had a knack for languages: copywriting and translation turned into a passion of hers. The next ten years, she worked for a leading SEO optimisation and web design company. Its techniques for SEO copywriting came straight from the source: Google, USA. As a result of her perfect bilingualism, sense of structure and studious, quick-learning character she was the first to manage several company websites in their entirety. At present, she has written and translated hundreds of SEO optimised web pages and blogs in Dutch and in French.


The step to her own company: hitting the bull’s eye

During this interesting job, Pascale started working with suppliers and customers. Next to SEO copywriting and translation of web pages, she maintained a good relationship with them, which ignited a strong desire to become an entrepreneur herself.

The children moved out and their rooms became offices, which was the first step towards a business of her own. The company’s name Evina Copywriting & Translations is dedicated to Pascale’s children EVeline and NAthalie. The logo and slogan ‘A choreography with words’ refers to her pastime passion for rhythmic gymnastics and dance and her experience as a choreographer.

Pascale attended Photoshop, PHP and SEO optimisation courses as well as e-mail and social media seminars, after which she builds her own website and web pages with SEO optimisation and creates a modest e-mail campaign. Before long, the first customers find their way to Evina Copywriting & Translations.


Evina Copywriting & Translations is booming

A few months into the new agency and it seems to thrive! Not only do the assignments poor in, customers start asking for more. To comply with these demands, Evina Copywriting & Translations partners up with several professional freelancers. This way, in addition to SEO copywriting and website and blog translations, other translation services are being offered with regard to various types of documents in the most frequently used language combinations: Dutch, French, English and German. Evina Copywriting & Translations also teamed up with a partner specialised in e-marketing and website building, of which our website is a perfect example.
Today, Evina Copywriting & Translations and her partners are a small but effective team that offers customer-friendly and qualitative services.


Do you need a translation?

Fill out our online quotation form for translations and upload your source texts (up to 2MB). In case your texts are more than 2MB, please send them through by e-mail. Prices are based on the number of lines. We offer a 10% newcomer’s discount for new customers who need a translation by Evina Copywriting and Translation for their first translation from € 500, VAT excl.


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Do you need SEO copywriting and/or translation of your website or blog?

Fill out this second online quotation form for any questions regarding these types of translations. Please be as detailed as possible, in order to receive a concrete and detailed price offer. We give a specific price for each part, enabling you to decide what you need. In case you need a translation for your website or blog, please add a Word document with your web texts to the online form (up to 2MB) or by e-mail. We will send you our price offer as soon as possible.


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