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Philosophy Evina Copywriting & TranslationCopywriting and translation agency
with focus on the customer

Our philosophy defines the identity and image of our copywriting and translation agency. We care about our customers and they always come first. This is reflected in who we are, how we work and in our work ethics.


Our core businesses: SEO copywriting and translation

Our goal is to support our customers with their international communication. By breaking language barriers, we offer our customers the possibility to expand beyond borders.Our core businesses are translation and SEO copywriting, in addition to several other services such as text revision and the input of web texts into CMS systems. Evina Copywriting & Translations is a small-scaled copywriting and translation agency that works together closely with professional copywriters and translators (specialised in specific domains) who fortify our team. This way, we can assist you by finding an efficient and qualitative way to introduce your services and products to the international market.


Long-lasting and ethical entrepreneurship

Evina Copywriting and Translations holds respect for the fellow man, nature, customer-friendly services, quality, dependability and job satisfaction in high regard. By complying with these commitments, we hope to offer something extra to all the people we work with: our customers, our copywriters and translators but also our banks, insurance companies, the media and government. By living up to our commitments of durable entrepreneurship, we want to assume our responsibility in society.


How do we pursuit this social commitment?

  • When you contact us, you will directly talk to the business manager. We don’t employ intermediaries or pushy salesmen. Customer-friendly services are of paramount importance for us.
  • Assignment are executed by our freelance copywriters and translators who work from home, which has some advantages:
    • You do not pay for the depreciation of large offices and daily commuting. You only pay our performances resulting in a positive effect on your budget.
    • Our copywriters and translators work in a peaceful environment, which ensures high quality texts.
    • Because they work at home, our copywriters and translators organise their time and work keeping their social life in mind. Happy co-workers produce better work. Dedication and job satisfaction are key elements to ensure satisfied customers.
    • We aim to respect your personal wishes as much as possible. That is why we listen to your story and your message which we then convert into texts appealing to, touching or inciting the reader.
    • We feel very strongly about ethics. Each application and file is handled with strict confidence and we do not make empty SEO promises by applying illegal Google-tricks. We deliver clean web design and spam free SEO techniques.


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