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SEO copywriting:
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By applying the Search Engine Optimisation techniques, in short SEO copywriting, consistently when writing your web pages, you are creating a higher ranking with search engines. But SEO  copywriting is more than that, a lot more! A high search engine ranking is merely a means to an end and that end is to attract new customers by writing interesting information. With more than ten years experience and attending various courses, Evina Copywriting now masters all elements to write an interesting, attractive and at the same time optimised website. These three pillars of SEO copywriting are our speciality.


SEO copywriting: writing for your customers

  • Your website’s visitors are mainly interested in what you are offering. Your products and/or services should be the centre of attention: not too technical, but mostly informative and understandable for your target group.
  • The SEO copywriting techniques should not be too obvious. A website should be fluently written and easy to read.
  • Naturally, you also want your customers to contact you for more information and/or to buy your products. To do this, we integrate targeted actions in your web texts.


SEO copywriting: search engine writing

Evidently, you want your web pages to be found by search engine, Google being in the lead. In the past, using keywords was one of the most essential techniques, nowadays over 200 factors must be taken into account. SEO techniques have become more complex and how bothersome it may be, this is a beneficial development for those who want to play fair. The most frequent errors made when using SEO still are: an accumulation of key words, wrongly placed key words and using key words without a preparatory analysis of your target group’s search patterns. To stop these erroneous techniques, Googly released a new system that uses more than 200 score factors.


SEO copywriting, where balance is essential

Yes, it is true: SEO copywriting has become a matter of balance between

  • writing for the customers and subtly applying search engine-friendly techniques,
  • writing sufficient information about your products and/or services with an attractive, fluent and commercial message. This is called relevant content.
  • information, SEO and a call for action

To put it briefly, SEO copywriting must be perfected on all levels. The tiniest upset of this balance, and your time and investments will have been for nothing.


Chose profitable and quality SEO copywriting

Invest once in solid SEO copywriting and enjoy the result for months, or even years, without any extra costs: more visitors, but most of all more conversion, buying customers. Also read our SEO tips and SEO copywriting realizations.


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A satisfied customer’s testimonial

Pascale often performs work for my customers, and I must say, she does an excellent job. What has she done until now?

I have to say, she does more than she signs up for. For KOTF, her contribution is major in the development of the subjects and for VDB she rewrites the texts and meta-tags. She really knows what she is doing.

So people, you can safely contact Pascale. She really cares for her customers.

Luk Meulebrouck
CEO Acoma Cybermarketing



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