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Why are SEO techniques
so important for search engines?

Professional search engines have one main goal: presenting the most relevant information on the visitor’s search. The search engines use specific computations or logarithms, which compare the key words in the search to the pages of a website. A search engine only reads text. Images, graphs, flash elements and animations are not included by search engines. Moreover, a search engine tends to be a bit lazy. It generally reads the mere first part of a text. It is therefore essential to apply SEO techniques at the very start of your text.




Correct Google techniques
versus misleading magic tricks

At the early stages of search engine development, its mechanisms mainly focused on searching with key words. Until recently, misuse and misleading tactics resulted in situations where ‘clever’ SEO specialists were able to score a high search engine ranking with worthless websites. You probably remember the times when your search came back with no valuable information.
Fortunately, those times are almost done and over with.


Correct SEO techniques finally pay off when using search engines

Search engines such as Google develop more than 100 computations and formulas daily to reward valuable websites.
Misuse of classic SEO techniques, e.g. cramming a website with visible or invisible key words, is nowadays considered to be spam. Google penalises these spammers by blacklisting their web pages and even the entire website. Please beware for fraudulent SEO techniques! Once blacklisted, your website will never be found again by search engines.


Our SEO techniques?

A user-friendly website structure, analysing the right key words  connected with your products and services, well-considered titles and headers with short sections that result in an attractive web page, valuable and relevant (read: meaningful) content consistent with the chosen key words and hyperlinks to related web pages. All these techniques make for successful SEO copywriting.


The pivotal question: writing for search engines or for the reader?

SEO techniques are not everything, because the visitor is not interested in your SEO techniques. He just wants an answer to his question! He uses search engines in his native language to search for your products or services. If your information is interesting enough, the visitor will contact you in his own accord. SEO techniques are only a means to that end. For more information, please read our SEO tips.


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