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Search engines do not like misuse

For successful SEO copywriting and a high search engine ranking, you need profound knowledge of the latest SEO techniques. In the past, it was possible to have a high search engine ranking by putting key words in the right place. At the time, the more the better was the way to go. This indexing method was so regularly misused, that worthless websites were higher ranked than quality websites. The new Google logarithms fortunately have created better times. Excessive key word use is penalised, which can cause your website to disappear from the Google planet.



seo tips

Off-page factors are gaining
the upper hand

Our SEO copywriter is no longer surprised by the weekly search engine updates. SEO makes us be aware of these updates constantly. One thing is for sure: the off-page factors are becoming more important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Off-page factors are factors that do not concern the website itself and are not completely under our control. The pie chart, with results from various researches, demonstrates the most important SEO factors that influence your website’s traceability in the Google search engine.



The biggest parts of this SEO pie chart make up for 70% and consist of:

  • the trust that other websites have in yours
  • the popularity of the links to specific pages
  • the quality of the link texts of external links referring to your website

This research proves that link building is key to the SEO optimisation of your website.


On-page factors: SEO copywriting remains interesting anyhow

The size of the off-page factors must not be a reason to neglect the on-page factors, because their relation should kept in perspective. The number of companies having the necessary measures, time and staff to manage the off-page factors is considerably smaller than the number of companies that are able to afford on-page factor management. However, it is important to keep in mind that writing for search engines has been replaced by writing for people.


SEO copywriting: writing what people search for, now more than ever

One of Google’s main objectives is to offer a solid answer to what people want to know. To do this, they scan search engines. To that end, make sure you offer the answer to what people are looking for.

  • Search terms
    Based on a key word analysis, you should draw up a list of words that are relevant to your products and services. Classify these words per theme and use that to build your website tree.
  • Titles
    Use titles with the most important search terms. Use relevant and fluent titles that attract attention. Put the key words in front. Use one title and several headers.
  • Meta-description
    Since the meta-description is shown in the search engine’s results page, it is essential to consider more than just the search engine. Write an attractive meta-description that makes visitors click it to view the website.
  • Texts
    Provide fascinating and interesting texts that make readers want to keep on reading. Relevant and meaningful texts with better answers than those of the competition have a positive effect on your sales’ figures and also on acquiring external links for your web pages.
  • Key word density
    For a higher ranking, it is advisable to repeat your key words regularly. Do not overdo this, because everything higher than 5%, Google deems a deception of its search engine.
  • Links and anchor texts
    The words you select for your anchor text have a significant influence on the ranking of the linked pages to which they refer. This can be for internal links as well as for links referring to another website.


Is SEO still too complicated for you?

We appreciate that; we all have our own specialties in the end. SEO and all its new trends have no secrets for our SEO copywriter. We would be happy to take on this task for you, giving you more time for your actual core business.


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