Technical translations

technische vertaling

Technical translations: informative or instructive

Technical translations require thorough knowledge of technical terms. That is why a technical translator should be tuned in to your sector. Technical brochures serve as information for the customer on products or services offered within a certain sector or industry. Manuals give instructions on how to use or operate a product or device. Tenders and safety regulations have to be translated in accordance with certain regulations. A qualitative technical translation with high technicality requires specific skills and expertise. Thanks to our many years of experience and large terminology bank we can deliver qualitative technical translations with which you can inform your customers correctly and clearly. 


vertaling voedinssupplementen

Technical translations and terminology management

Because every sector and/or industry has its own specific technical terms, terminology management is an important instrument for delivering qualitative technical translations. Thanks to our terminology databanks, we can translate your technical texts consistently and uniformly. Your own terminology lists and/or previously well translated technical texts always are welcome as they can guarantee an even better translation. Certain sectors and/or companies use their own jargon which may deviate from the standard and conventional terminology. Other companies prefer to use the English name for certain products. That is why it is important to inform us of all these aspects before we start translating. 


technologische vertaling

Our supply of technical translations

We have technical translators for the following language pairs:

  • Dutch – French
  • French – Dutch
  • Dutch – English
  • English – Dutch
  • Dutch - German


And we can translate the following
technical documents, amongst others:

  • Tenders and specifications for the building sector
  • Safety regulations and energy performance certificate regulations (EPC)
  • Websites, product sheets and information leaflets for food supplements
  • Course material, PowerPoint presentations and driving school course material
  • Product brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Websites
  • Magazines


In need of a technical translation?

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Our technical translation customers

Our translation office’s strength comes from its experience and specialisation in specific technical subjects. The following sectors are part of our customers list:

Property developers
Architectural firms
Cabinetwork in- and outdoor
Building materials
Earth moving machines
Driving schools
Transport and distribution
Office supplies
Office automation
Temporary employment agencies
Electronic appliances companies
Waste disposal companies
Food supplements
Fashion and Lifestyle
Flowers and plants
Casino games
Carpet industry


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