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Tourism translations: extensive knowledge of the tourism sector and marketing

Performing translations for the tourism sector is a specialism in itself. For that reason, we work with translators who know the tourism sector and marketing through and through. We can translate all your tourist brochures, leaflets, websites, travel guides, mailings, newsletters and other files in several language pairs. We greatly value a facile pen for the tourism sector. After all, it is the goal to attract the millions of people going on a holiday today to your offers. And that is exactly what we aim for!


Tourism translations: our strong points

  • Translations for the tourism sector hold no secrets for our specialised translators. Furthermore, they perfectly understand the marketing messages for this sector.
  • Our enthusiastic tourism translators offer that extra touch. They search the world through the Internet to be able to translate cultural historical facts and data correctly.
  • Their facile pen makes your tourism translations easily readable. After all, pleasant and alluring texts attract more customers.
  • We are seasonally flexible so we can finish your tourism translations on time.
  • All tourism translations are proofread and corrected if necessary by a second specialised tourism translator.
  • We can translate tourism texts from and into Dutch, French, English and German.


Translating for the tourism sector: some of our references

We have over 10 years of experience in translating texts and websites for the tourism sector: AT-Europe (online travel guides, Club Villamar (letting luxury villas in Spain), Jeugdhopper (youth hostels) and Westtoer (the Belgian Coast Greeters promotion) are only a few of our most recent customers. In addition to those sectors, we also actively translate for the event sector and the hotel and catering industry.


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Satisfied customers of the tourism sector say about Evina…

‘Our travel guides’ translations have been executed very thoroughly. I’ve never come across a translator who makes the effort of picking up a map of the routes to avoid translation errors. You can clearly read her ‘personal approach' in our tourist texts: these are no robot translations! Our translations have not only been professionally executed, they also read easily! And thank you also for correcting some mistakes in the original text for free.’

Geert Van de Voorde, AT-Europe (


‘After researching information herself, your tourism translator/copywriter wrote wonderful blog texts in French for us. She thinks along with us, and that really is nice. Furthermore, a scan and revision of some parts of our French website have given us several useful points on which we could improve. We will definitely further enjoy our collaboration.’

Robin Coenen, Club Villamar




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