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Qualitative translations and flexibility

Translation agency Evina collaborates with qualified and experienced translators who take your translations seriously. Because style, purpose, target groups and message are key for your translations, our translation agency pays the utmost attention to these factors. Quality and flexibility are our priorities. Translations are often urgent and our translation agency aims to take this into account as much as possible.
Working with our translation agency is easy: even though we work with various translators, we remain your central point of contact for all your translations, regardless of the language pair.


Translation agency Evina and your quality guarantees

  • Our translation agency delivers high quality translations from and into Dutch, French, English and German
  • An excellent price/quality ratio for every translation
  • We maintain your documents’ structure for every translation
  • When translating, our translators revise your source texts in case of minor flaws without any extra costs
  • Our translation agency builds terminology lists per sector. This way, we can offer you consistent terminology which is commonly used within your field of industry.


Translating with the four-eyes principle

Four eyes are better than two. That is why at least two people read our texts. Our translation agency ensures that all translations are read by a second linguistic expert to avoid any typing and/or grammatical errors. Should we have doubts about the interpretation of your texts, rest assured we will contact you immediately to ensure a flawless translation.


Translation agency Evina and its objectives

  • Our translators master both the source and target language. Our agency’s translators are either bilingual native speakers and/or higher educated in specific languages and domains and have more than 10 years experience in the translation business.
  • Our translation agency ensures correct sentence structures and the right terminology within their context.
  • You receive a detailed quotation for every translation.
  • Do you need an urgent translation? We offer a flexible service: need be, we also work in the evening or on weekends.
  • All translators have signed an agreement with which they express their commitment to discretion and confidentiality.
  • The delivery time is always respected following the agreement and with regard to the assignment’s size.


Do you urgently need a translation agency for your translations?

You can contact our translation agency in Aalter by phone or electronically (by e-mail or through the contact form on the website) for all your translations. Do you want a quotation for your translation? Fill out our online quotation form. To ensure a detailed quotation, it is essential you send us your source texts. You can use the web form to upload a text up to 2MB, or you can send us an e-mail. You will receive a free quotation without obligation as soon as possible.


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