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Translating from Dutch into English, along with the European language flow

More and more linguists strive to make English the standard language within the European Union. This results in a growing demand for professional translators who can translate from Dutch into English. Do you wish to launch your products abroad and sweep the European market? Do you work with a linguistically diverse group on a project and do you wish to translate all of your presentations, reports and other documents into English? Then you will find our translation office to be your appropriate and polyvalent partner for all your translations from Dutch into English or vice versa.


Translating from Dutch into American or British English?

English has several variants: American, British, Irish, etc. Although the main difference between all of them is the pronunciation, there are some clear differences in vocabulary or certain grammatical structures. That is why it is important to have your target group in mind, because people simply prefer reading texts in their native language. In Europe, the standard is to translate from Dutch into British English. If you wish to enter the worldwide market, American English may be a better choice.
If you have offices abroad, it often is convenient to communicate internally in one language. Our translation office keeps a terminology databank per customer. That way we can guarantee consistent and uniform translations from Dutch into English of all your documents, website, brochures, etc.


Translating from Dutch into English: our strong points

  • If you want to translate well, a thorough knowledge of English as the target language is simply not enough. Also the source language Dutch has to be known through and through. After all, what is the use of a well written English text if it does not convey the same content or message as the original Dutch text? That is why we looked for Dutch English translators who understand and master both languages’ subtleties. Our translators have perfectly mastered both the source and target language.
  • For Dutch English translations, we can offer you more than 10 years of professional experience in the most diverse sectors.
  • We localize your Dutch English translations to your target group: UK, USA, Canada, etc
  • We always apply the four-eye principle. Every text we translate from Dutch into English is carefully proofread and ,if necessary, corrected by a second Dutch English translator. That way we can guarantee grammatical correctness, the correct style and consistent use of terminology.
  • Thanks to a large terminology databank, which we have been keeping for years per sector, we can offer consistent Dutch English translations.
  • Each assignment is important to us; both large and small assignments are welcome.
  • You can always count on a punctual delivery within the agreed time frame.


Dutch English translation: some examples of past projects

  • Commercial translations Dutch English: correspondence, mailing lists, prospectuses, leaflets, websites, sales agreements, general terms and conditions, press releases, contest rules, etc
  • Technical translations Dutch English: brochures, websites, carpet industry, presentations and manuals on construction projects, steel cables, windows and doors, machinery, copy machines, software and hardware, carpet industry, etc.
  • Legal translations Dutch English: employment contracts, statutes, collaboration agreements, notarial deeds, etc.
  • Scientific translations Dutch English: medical reports on oncology, endometriosis and medicines, patient information leaflets, information sheets for professionals on dietary supplements, medical advice magazines for consumers, presentations for scientific workshops, etc.
  • Tourism translations Dutch English: online travel guides, tourism sector websites, pamper packages and weekend residencies, hotel packages, websites of hotels and restaurants, etc
  • Other translations Dutch English: presentations and course material for several educational institutions, tenders for contractors, flower magazines, etc


In need of a Dutch English translation?

Then please fill in our quotation form and attach your source documents up to 2MB. If your documents exceed 2MB, please send them to us by e-mail. We will draw up and send a quotation without commitment as soon as possible. Upon receipt of your agreement, we will start the translation assignment.


Ask for a quotation for your translation

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Dutch English translations: our references

Many companies from the most diverse sectors have been relying on us for their translations for years. Naturally we also translate from Dutch into English and vice versa for smaller businesses and private persons. And for each customer, big or small, we deliver the same effort to maintain our high quality. Some examples of customers who contacted us for Dutch – English translations.


Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina
Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina
Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina Vertaling Engels door Vertaalbureau Evina


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