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Germany = major worldwide economy

English may well be the most important colloquial language worldwide these days, yet German is the most spoken native language in the European Union. Furthermore, Germany is a major economic and political power in the world. Germany is very active in European politics, and we can see the effect of that every day. If you watch or listen to the world news, not a single day goes by without Germany being mentioned. In addition, Germany has a well developed international industry and a lively and high-qualitative business community. Chances are high that you and your company will come into contact with a German company. Are you already working together with a German company or are you planning to? Then you have come to the right translation office; we translate all your documents and your website from Dutch into German!


Translation Dutch German: our strong points

  • Your Dutch German translation is done by a native German speaker.
  • With more than 10 years of experience in diverse sectors, we can professionally translate each text from Dutch into German.
  • All texts which we translate from Dutch into German are proofread, and corrected if necessary, by a second Dutch German translator.
  • For every industry or commercial sector, we have been keeping a terminology bank for years now, so you can be assured of a consistent translation Dutch German.
  • Our translation office does not distinguish between smaller and larger assignments: we accept both with as much enthusiasm.
  • We deliver our translations at a correct price – quality ratio.
  • For your translation Dutch German, you can always count on a punctual delivery in accordance with the agreed deadline.


Translation Dutch German: projects we can help you with

  • Commercial translations Dutch German: websites, newsletters, mailing lists, brochures, pamphlets, sales agreements, social media marketing, press releases, etc.
  • Scientific translations Dutch German: articles for consumer magazines on health, brochures on health, etc.
  • Tourism translations Dutch German: hotel websites and weekend arrangement websites, tourism sector websites, holiday homes, online travel guides, etc.
  • Other translations Dutch German: gifts and events, etc.


In need of a Dutch German translation?

Then please request a quotation without commitment through our online quotation form. Please send your source texts at all times so we can clearly see what kind of assignment it is about. You can upload source texts up to 2MB with the form or send them to us by e-mail. When we have read through your files, we will send you a detailed quotation by e-mail as soon as possible.


Ask for a quotation for your translation

10% discount for your first translation

Dutch German translation: some references

Our translation office collaborates with several companies and customers who have used our translation services for the Dutch - German language pair. We welcome both small and large assignments. For each customer, we guarantee the same dedication with a qualitative Dutch – German translation as a result.



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