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Translation from English to Dutch: accessibility for everyone

Nowadays, English is the most frequently used official language within international bodies. However, this does not automatically mean that everyone masters the English language. Imagine Flemish companies needing to provide English manuals and technical documents translated from English to Dutch, in order to make them comprehensible for operatives. In a European framework, increasingly more international companies opt to go into business with Flemish or Dutch companies, not to mention the Spanish and Portuguese real estate agencies that have discovered a strong purchasing power in our country. We translate from English to Dutch in order for you to reach your Dutch-speaking target group.


English Dutch translation: our specialties

Most of our translators are Dutch native speakers. Their acquired knowledge of all nuances in the Dutch language assures a fluent and correct translation.

  • With experience in various sectors, we guarantee that your translations English Dutch comply with your wishes.
  • With years of experience in various sectors, we were able to put together a detailed terminology database, enabling us to use consistent and specific words and sentences regarding your line of business.
  • We always use the four-eyes theory, which means that at the very least two translators work on your translation in order to properly translate your texts from English to Dutch. Flaws and errors are corrected straight away so we can deliver high quality texts.
  • We deem the agreement with the customer very important: we respect deadlines and warrant a correct price/quality ratio.


 English Dutch translation: our collaboration projects

  • Technical translations English Dutch: manuals, brochures, websites, presentations, tenders, software and hardware, etc.
  • Legal translations
  • Commercial translations English Dutch: newsletters, mailings, correspondence, general terms and conditions, terms and conditions of sale, flyers, competition rules, web shops, etc.
  • Scientific translations English Dutch: compendia for nutritional supplements, presentations for scientific workshops, etc.
  • Tourist translations English Dutch: travel guides, websites holiday homes, hotel arrangements, hotel and restaurant websites, arrangements, etc.
  • Other translations: real estate for holiday homes or second place


Do you need an English Dutch translation?

Ask for a quotation without obligation through the online form and add your source documents (up to 2MB). If they are bigger, please send them by e-mail. We will draw up a price offer as soon as possible. Upon your confirmation of the English-Dutch translation, our native translator English-Dutch will start the assignment.


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Our English Dutch translations: every customer matters

Many companies contract Translation agency Evina for their English-Dutch translations. We work with large as well as small companies, universities and private persons. Each customer receives the same service and quality translations from English into Dutch. These are some satisfied customers that contracted our English-Dutch translation services:




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