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Dutch might not be a world language, but The Netherlands and Belgium are heavily industrialised countries with a large focus on export and international relations. Take into account that Belgium is the host country for many European organisations! Imagine the possibilities when collaborating with Dutch and Belgian corporations by communicating in Dutch… Naturally, this communication could be in English or French, but everyone feels more comfortable when speaking and/or writing in his native language. And that can only be beneficial for business. Our Dutch and German translators happily work on your translations from German into Dutch.


German-Dutch translation: our strengths

  • Every German Dutch translation is completed by Dutch and German native speakers.
  • Over 10 years of practice in translating from German into Dutch for various industries is our  guarantee for high quality and professional translations.
  • All German Dutch translations are being reviewed and, if necessary, corrected by a second native translator German Dutch.
  • We have a terminology database for each sector. This way, we can deliver consistent a German-Dutch translation.
  • We treat every assignment in the same way, regardless whether they are large or small.
  •  We agree upon deadlines together, which we always observe.
  • A correct price/quality ratio


Translating German Dutch: a few projects within our range

  • Commercial translations German Dutch: mailings, brochures, leaflets, websites, employment agreements, general terms and conditions, competition rules, Facebook marketing, press releases, etc.
  • Scientific translations German Dutch: nutritional supplements compendia for professionals, e.g. for chemists and doctors, health articles for consumer magazines, health brochures, etc.
  • Tourist translations German Dutch: websites for the tourist sector, hotel and weekend arrangement websites, holiday homes, online travel guides, etc.
  • Other translations German Dutch: gifts, events, etc.


Need a German Dutch translation?

Please complete an online quotation request, without engagement. In any case, send us your source texts so we can assess the assignment. You can upload texts up to 2MB or send them by e-mail. After the assessment, you will receive a price offer. Should we not have enough knowledge about the sector to translate your texts from German into Dutch, we will communicate openly about the matter.


Ask for a quotation for your translation

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German Dutch translation: some references

Even though the combination German-Dutch is not very common, our translation agency has had the privilege to work with various companies. We accept both small and large assignments and guarantee the same enthusiasm for each customer, resulting in a qualitative German Dutch translation.



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