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Our translation services: various types of translations

Our translation office is specialised in multilingual communication and offers several translation services with an eye for personal approach and quality. Our professional translations vary from general to technical, from industrial to scientific, from day-to-day files to technical sheets, brochures and websites. Our translation services’ package includes general translations, technical translations, legal translations, tourism translations and website translations in several language pairs. If you choose our translation services, you can count on professionalism, a reliable service, flexibility and a good price/quality ratio.


Translation services with a team of professional translators

  • For our translation services, we work closely together with freelance translators. They do not only translate into their native language, but they also have extensive knowledge of the source language. Those who collaborate with our translation office are perfectly bilingual.
  • We aim for using the correct terminology, the correct new spelling and grammar, feel for language and nuances in all of our translations. With these criteria we hope to fully satisfy our customers.
  • Our translation services have expanded through the years and we work for very diverse sectors. for each sector, we have created a terminology bank. That way we can always use the correct jargon of your field of industry.

Whether it is about people, your company, your products, your services or a story: our passion for languages, our empathy, our imagination and our quality can without doubt make the difference you have been waiting for.


From translations to supplementary services

Our translation office mainly focuses on translating texts within the most diverse fields, in language pairs with Dutch, French, English and German. Our expertise, however, goes even further. Apart from translating, we also have thorough knowledge of seo copywriting. We closely follow the seo techniques’ evolution and write all types of texts for websites, aiming for the highest organic ranking in search engines. Naturally, we also offer seo translations in the abovementioned language pairs while keeping the specific terminology and keywords into account for the target language(s) of the web texts. And as icing on the cake, you no longer have to worry about publishing all the texts and translations online as we can do that for you. After all web management also is part of our total service package.

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We recommend our customers not to be tempted to use free machine translators for translating their texts. Machine translators often give hilarious results, an example of which can be seen on the image on the right. So choose for our professional translation services:





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