Translation of texts

With a correct translation of your texts you do great business beyond the language barriers.

In order to collaborate with the increasing internationalisation and globalisation, communicating in different languages has become a must.
Translation Office Evina works with a freelance team that offers copywriting and translation services. Each translator has his own field of expertise. We can offer you translations in different language combinations in Dutch, French, English, German or Spanish. In this way, we succeed in translating your website or other texts at a reasonable fee and take your commercial, scientific or business message beyond the language barriers.  
Do admit that this is only a small effort in return for an immense increase in turnover.

Translating is simultaneously thinking and writing in the target language

Translation of texts is more than putting words and sentences into another language. With a traditional translation the commercial message is often lost. Our translators translate into their native language. Therefore, they are able to simultaneously think and write in the target language. Thus, no strange sentence constructions arise, like the ones you get with free translating machines.

With a quality translation of your texts you score high with your foreign speaking customers

  • Collaboration with freelance translators no doubt delivers quality. Thanks to their specific language expertise you receive correct translations.
  • Together, we aim for the correct spelling, grammar and vocabulary.
  • With your target group constantly in the back of its head, Evina Copywriting has an eye for detail.
  • Every text is re-read and checked for typing errors, writing errors or possible inaccuracy by a second freelancer.
  • You are not completely satisfied? As you can read in our method of working, you always have the right to one correction round, included in the price.
  • Whether it is about people, your company, your products, your services or a story: our passion for language, our empathy and our imaginary power make without any doubt the difference you were waiting for.
  • Furthermore, you can count on our discretion. At Evina’s your texts are in safe hands. We never pass on information to third parties, not even during price negotiations. That goes without saying.

What kind of texts can Evina Copywriting translate for you?

We supply translations in different formats:

  • Business-related: correspondence, mails, reports, CV’s, publications …
  • Individuals: correspondence, juridical and financial documents, reports, CV’s …
  • Commercial: newsletters, mailings, direct mails, brochures, leaflets, flyers, catalogues, advertisements …
  • Press: press releases, articles for magazines …
  • PowerPoint presentations: courses, conferences, meetings, product launches, personnel meetings …
  • Websites: traditional translation of existing web texts or translations with SEO optimisation for the search engines
  • Blogs: translation of your interactive texts on the website

Translation of texts in various fields of industry

  • Tourism: travel information, hotels, residential blocks, camp sites, travel reports, books …
  • Sports: sports reports, didactical and methodical workshops, sports technical articles, books, courses, sports materials …
  • Hotel and catering industry: information on hotel accommodations and formats, menus, recipes …
  • Health: nutrition, exercise, alternative therapy …
  • Medical: scientific texts on anatomy, physiology, histology, cytology, pathologies, psychology …
  • Pharmaceutical: instructions for use for medicines and nutritional supplements, product brochures, scientific articles …
  • Life style: fashion, health, tourism, gardening, spirituality, care products, music …
  • Education: educational texts, courses, PowerPoint presentations, syllabi for courses, workshops or refresher courses …

Take a look at our portfolio of realised translations.

Evina Copywriting offers various language combinations for your translations:

  • Dutch - French and French – Dutch
  • Dutch – English and English – Dutch
  • Dutch – German and German – Dutch
  • Dutch – Spanish and Spanish – Dutch
  • French – English and English – French
  • French – German and German – French
  • French - Spanish
  • English – German and German – English
  • English – Spanish and Spanish - English

Whether it is about translating a single text, several texts or a complete website, do not hesitate to contact us.
Take a look at our rates to get an idea about the target price.
Request an offer without engagement and directly send us your source texts.



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