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Clear rates and free quotation for all your translations

  • For every translation assignment, you receive a free and detailed quotation without commitment, based on the rates mentioned below.
  • We keep a terminology databank for specific terminology per sector, so you can be assured of consistent terminology throughout all your translations.
  • Please request a quotation for translations through the online quotation request form.
  • When sending your quotation, always attach your source texts, preferably in a WORD document. You can upload your files to our online form.
  • In case your files are larger than 2 MB, please email them to info[at]


Our translation rates

Type of translation                       Rate per ine of 55 touches
      Rate per word    
General translation
€ 1,05
€ 0,10
Technical translation € 1,20 - € 1,40 € 0,12 - € 0,16
Translation of website + SEO         
€ 1,20 - € 1,40
€ 0,135 - € 0,16
Legal translation € 1,20
€ 0,13
    • The above mentioned rates are indicative and in euros.
    • We generally work with the rate per line of 55 touches. The rate per word is a guideline and serves as comparison.
    • The prices are VAT 21% excluded.
    • There is no minimum order amount per order!
    • There is a 10% introduction discount for your first translation assignment from 500 euros.


    Additional translation costs

    • PowerPoint (PPT), PDF, Excel, HTML and other files sent by fax or post (printed): +15%
    • Keyword analysis for SEO translations (website translation): 20 euros per web page.
    • Translation with HTML coding: +20%
    • Converting web texts to HTML: 45 euros per hour
    • Urgent translations: +20%
    • By urgent translations we mean translations up to 2,000 words which have to be finished on the same day and for larger assignments up to 3,000 words per day.
    • Night work and translations on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: +50%


    What you certainly would like to know about our translation rates

    • Our translation rates are based on the number of touches which you can count with MS Office WORD. Open the Tools menu, then click on word count (including spaces). This way you can calculate the translation’s price and check it afterwards.
    • Our price calculation is based on the source language. A French translation and a German one generally contain 15% more characters than a Dutch text. An English translation can have a 10% difference.


    General terms for translations


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    10% discount for your first translation



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