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Website translations open doors
to international opportunities

Website translations open new opportunities on the international market. If you wish to launch your products or services onto the international market, then do not assume for potential clients to make the effort to read your website, if it is not available in their native language. Research has indicated that 60% of website visitors do not continue reading if the texts are not offered in their native language. Meet your clients in their native language and resolutely choose for a professional translation of your website.



Website vertaling door Vertaalbureau Evina

Website translations: return on investment

In marketing circles, we often hear the abbreviation ROI which stands for Return on Investment. A professional website translation comes with a price, which often is a stumbling block for companies. However, depending on your product’s or service’s cost price, selling only one product can already pay back a product page translation. A multilingual website also generates more traffic and considerably increases the number of international buyers. The money you invest for translating a website is only a small cost compared to what you receive in return.


Expertly executed website translations

Translating a website is more than just a translation. Not only does the website translator need to have extensive knowledge of languages, he also needs to have thorough knowledge of website technology.

  • It is of the utmost importance that search engines can find your web page, regardless of the language. We are specialised in SEO copywriting and techniques, thus we will deliver a perfect website translation which will be found on the worldwide web. If you cannot give us a keyword analysis per language, we can do this for you. An SEO translation of your website also includes the translation of your meta tags such as title, keywords and description.
  • French and German translations have many unusual letters and characters such as é, è, ü, ê & …which some websites cannot automatically display correctly. There are specific HTML codes for such characters, which we will integrate into your website.
  • We can translate websites from and into Dutch, French and English. Upon request, we can also translate websites into German.
  • Our website translators have a perfect understanding of website structures and compositions. You lack the time to publish our website translations online? Web management is one of our activities as well. Should you desire so, we can enter your website translations into your CMS. Once they are published online, we will check both the content and layout of the submitted website translations. Hence, quality assured.


Website vertaling door Vertaalbureau Evina

Translating graphical elements

Do you have images in need of translation? Then we can send you our translation in a Word or Excel file so you can process it into your graphical elements. If you can deliver us the graphical elements in separate layers (psd or eps), then we can add the translation directly into your image and if so desired publish it online.


In need of a website translation?

Then please send us a price request through the online quotation form. In order to supply you with a quotation quickly, it is best that you copy/paste the web pages which have to be translated in a Word file and send this to us by e-mail. Please do not forget to copy the texts in the blocks. Select in your price request whether it is about translating a full website or only a few pages. In case you request a partial website translation, we recommend you to add the respective urls. The more detailed your request is, the more correct our quotation will be. Upon receipt of your agreement with our quotation, we will start translating your website.


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Through the years we have gained much experience in translating websites. The following customers definitely value our specialisation in SEO translations.



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